Polyester polyols are obtained by a polycondensation reaction of dicarboxylic acids and glycols. Polyester Polyols are one the main components used in many different polyurethane applications, such as:

  1. Shoe Sole Systems
  2. Flexible foam
  3. Elastomer
  4. Rigid
  5. Coating
  6. Adhesive

The properties of the final products will depend on the chemical structure of polyester polyol and this is affected from formulation of the polyol, production conditions, impurity content, glycol ratios and storage conditions. Kobe Polyurethane has an annual production capacity of 10,000 tons of high quality & purity polyester polyol. With our experienced staff and modern production infrastructure we produce a wide range of polyester polyols with 500 - 2000 g / mol molecular weight, 2.0 - 2.8 functionalities that will fulfil all the demands of the different markets we serve.

Product Name Acid/Glycol Type OH Number
@75 °C (mPa.s)
Kobester L001 AA/MEG-DEG 56-60 450-550 (@75 °C)
Kobester B001 AA/MEG-DEG-TMP 72-76 800-1000 (@75 °C)
Kobester LB7030 AA/MEG-DEG-TMP 60-64 550-750 (@75 °C)
Kobester P001 PA/DEG 280-320 2500-3500 (@25 °C)
Kobester L002 AA/MEG-BDO 52-58

3000-4000 (@25 °C)

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