A new perspective from a team with

20 years of experience

KOBE POLYURETHANE is founded by a team with 20 years of experience with a new approach to the market. This System House is built on 25.000 m2 and has a fully automated production line. In our latest technology plant we produce saturated polyester resins, MDI prepolymers, catalysts and polymix.

GEBKİM Organize Sanayi Bölgesi
Erol Kiresepi Cad. No: 4/C
Dilovası/Kocaeli/ Türkey
T: +90 262 502 14 80

Maslak Mah. Maslak Meydan Sok. No:1
Beybi Giz Plaza Kat: 8 No:30
Maslak/ Sarıyer/İstanbul / Turkey
T: +90 212 290 32 34